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At least 50% of Women Suffer from Sexual Dysfunction.

If You’re One of Them, VascuWave™ is Your Best Solution!

If you thought sexual dysfunction only happened to men, you’re not alone. It happens to women too. As the aging process takes hold, your body changes and it can lead to problems in the bedroom. It’s not easy to talk about but the alternative of a life lacking pleasure is far worse.

What is Female Sexual Dysfunction?

By definition, female sexual dysfunction is when there are persistent and reoccurring problems related to your sexual response or desire, or when pain or your orgasm causes distress. Some symptoms include difficulty in having an orgasm even with proper sexual arousal or a low desire of sex that includes complete lack of interest or willingness to engage in sexual activities.

It can happen to women of all ages however it is more common as one gets older. There are several categories for the causes of female sexual dysfunction, according to the Mayo Clinic. These can be physical, hormonal, or psychological with diseases like cancer, MS, heart disease, and kidney failure, sexual problems in women can result. Low estrogen levels are another issue as they cause changes in the genital tissues and result in low blood flow to the region. Even untreated anxiety and depression can cause these persistent sexual issues for women.

Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment Options

Thankfully, you don’t have to suffer in silence or shut down your partner’s requests for consensual sexual intercourse. There are many common treatments that can help you get back to you.  Many of them can be used in association with VascuWave™.

Prescription Medi​​​​cine

One of the most common treatments is the use of estrogen therapy since in most cases, the normal estrogen level is the cause of sexual problems in women. They come in many forms like the vaginal ring, cream, or in tablets to help restore vaginal blood flow, enhance lubrication and bring back tone and elasticity to the vagina. However, with these products, there is a greater risk of developing cancer and other diseases related to blood vessels and heart function. The side effects are also unpleasant with headaches, vaginal bleeding, and nausea topping the list.

There is also an oral antidepressant called Addyi (flibanserin) that has been found to be effective for treating female sexual dysfunction. It was approved by the FDA for being safe to treat low sexual desire for premenopausal women. It boosts the sex drive and has had great results, but again, as with all prescription medications, there are numerous side effects. It effects the central nervous system as well as the gastrointestinal system and can cause fatigue, low blood pressure, dizziness, and fainting. If you have to take medications for any other ailments, you can’t take this medication either.


You could always choose the natural route to boost your sexual desire and treat your sexual dysfunction. Taking supplements of iron might help, however taking too much of it can be bad for you. A little too much can cause constipation while taking way too much can result in death. Maca, a Peruvian ginseng, and tribulus terrestris have been said to be beneficial but the thing to remember about supplements is that they are not FDA-approved and may not really be all that effective. We recommend supplements developed by Medical Doctors that use natural ingredients.

“Stem Cell” Therapy

Stem cell therapy may help reverse effects of premature menopause and restore fertility.  This non-surgical procedure uses growth factors that will stimulate vaginal and clitoral rejuvenation leading to activate heightened orgasm system. By using PRP, or stem cell therapy, to aid in the rejuvenation of the female organs has proven to increase the quality of orgasms, natural lubrication and improve the overall sex experience. ​Used in association with the “O”-Shot and VascuWave™, Stem Cell treatment can be effective in treating sexual dysfunction.


The Orgasm shot, nicknamed “O-Shot,” is a non-surgical procedure for treating female sexual dysfunction. It stimulates the vagina and has been shown to produce female orgasms. Women that have used it have found stronger and more frequent orgasms, improvement in the area of urinary functions, increased stimulation and natural lubrication, and an increase in ability to have orgasms overall.  The “O”-Shot should be administered only by a licensed professional or there is a possibility of damaging the nerve endings in the vaginal area. Suppplements combined with Stem Cell therapy and VascuWave™ the ”O”-Shot can be effective in treating sexual dysfunction.

Alternative Treatments

Some women try out alternative treatments such as acupuncture while others seek answers in yoga and meditation. You can try counselling, discussions with your partner, using a vaginal lubricant, or even a vibrator to stimulate your clitoris. You should also practice healthy lifestyle habits since they boost your overall mood and self-esteem, two factors which have a big impact on your sexual desires. It also helps to keep fit, make time for yourself to relax, and avoid drinking to excess.



When you compare these treatments for female sexual dysfunction to VascuWave™ though, they pale in comparison. VascuWave™ has been rated as the top female enhancement product in America in 2018 because of its effective, painless, and non-invasive benefits.

You don’t need to use it just prior to sexual intercourse either. It comes in the form of a small hand-held device that you can use in the privacy of your own home on your terms. No more waiting in the doctor’s office for prescriptions, examinations, or other treatments.

VascuWave™ works by stimulating the clitoris with proven LIPUS (low-intensity pulsed ultrasound) treatment. It’s safe, comfortable and non-invasive for improving pleasure to your clitoris as well as function and can restore sexual performance in all women no matter your age or the underlying cause of your female sexual dysfunction. It works by promoting better circulation to your clitoris by repairing aged blood vessels and creating new ones, which leads to enhanced sensation and sexual function. You use the device at least twice a week for six weeks and then twice a year one or two times.

Developed by Michael J. Dattoli, MD, and Joseph M. Kaminski MD, both of whom have extensive medical credentials. Dr. Kaminski previously held a position with the FDA in charge of Medical Device approvals.  VascuWave™ has helped many women get back in the game once again. You can use prescriptions, estrogen therapy, supplements, or shots, but the best solution with clinically-proven results to restore your sexual pleasure, arousal, and stimulation without pain, side effects, or high costs is the hand-held VascuWave™ device you can use in the privacy of your own home!

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