A Message from our CEO: Jeff Russell

Welcome to VascuWave™!

Things are looking up for men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Peyronie’s Disease, Prostatitis, or who just want to enhance themselves for better performance. Equally, women can finally find a lasting solution for sexual dysfunction. Refreshingly, an increasing number of couples are tackling the issue of sexual dysfunction together with an open comrade’ that is just starting to go viral globally this year.

I am proud that our group is leading the battle against eradicating sexual dysfunction by delivering VascuWave™ and other solutions that lead to happy sexual health. VascuWave™ was developed by my associates Michael J. Dattoli, MD, and Joseph M. Kaminski MD, both of whom are radiation oncologists and surgeons. They initially developed VascuWave™ and related protocols to help their cancer patients with sexual dysfunction but soon saw the potential to help both men and women with sexual dysfunction.

Finally it is exciting to see a growing number of medical doctors and other healthcare professionals using VascuWave™ as an integral part of their sexual dysfunction treatment protocols.

Feel free to confidentially explore whether or not VascuWave™ suits you. We are happy to talk and work directly with your medical doctor if he or she does not already know about it.

Wishing You Happiness & Health!

Jeff Russell, CEO