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Warranty Policy

The VascuWave device comes with a two-year warranty from date of delivery.  You may return it at any time during the warranty period and receive a replacement device in return.  You just give us a call and we will help you get another device as quickly as possible.

VascuWave Warranty

D&K Brands, LLC (D&K) warrants to the original purchaser that the PRODUCT will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of delivery.  This warranty applies only to the VascuWave product supplied by D&K.  D&K does not warrant that operation of the PRODUCT will be error-free or uninterrupted.  If the PRODUCT is found to be defective during the warranty period, the part(s) and labor required to repair the PRODUCT will be provided by D&K free of charge. To receive warranty, repair the PRODUCT must be returned to D&K. This warranty is subject to the following exceptions and limitations:

  • The customer shall be responsible for proper maintenance and handling of the PRODUCT.
  • No warranty is extended to any PRODUCT that has been altered or modified in any way.
  • No warranty is extended to any PRODUCT that has been misused, or damaged.

Term Of Warranty

This limited warranty covers the PRODUCT for two years from the date of delivery. If you receive supplements, updates, or replacement PRODUCT during that year, they will be covered for the remainder of the warranty or 30 days, whichever is longer.

Exclusions From Warranty

This warranty does not cover problems caused by your acts (or failures to act), the acts of others, or events beyond D&K’s reasonable control.

No Other Warranties

This warranty is the only warranty from D&K. D&K gives no other express warranties, guarantees or conditions. Where allowed by your local laws, Modus excludes implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a purpose and non-infringement.

Remedy For Breach Of Warranty

If D&K cannot repair or replace a defective PRODUCT, D&K will refund the amount paid for the PRODUCT. To receive a refund, you must return the PRODUCT and other associated materials to D&K. This is your only remedy for breach of this limited warranty.

Consumer Rights Not Affected

You may have additional consumer rights under your local laws which this agreement cannot change.

No Liability

In no event shall D&K be liable for any damages arising out of your use of or inability to use the PRODUCT and cannot guarantee the device will work for your medical condition  No reseller, distributor, dealer or other party is authorized to make any warranty on behalf of D&K, or to assume for D&K any other liability with respect to its PRODUCTs.

Changing These Terms

D&K may change these terms by posting notice on its web site.