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Sexual Dysfunction is a common problem among women and is defined as trouble getting aroused or feeling discomfort during sex.

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VascuWave​​™ is the first [home use​] erectile dysfunction device directly available to the consumer that utilizes proven technology to safely and comfortably ​​[improve erectile function, augment sexual performance in all men regardless of age​] , and affects the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction by improving blood flow to the penis by repairing aged blood vessels and creating new ones. Furthermore, the VascuWave™ procedure stimulates the growth of new nerves within the penis thereby further enhancing [sensation and sexual function ]. Remember the device also works on females. VascuWave™ utilizes a protocol adapted by world renowned physicians Dr. Dattoli and Dr. Kaminski.​​​


​1. PAINLESS Solution To Sexual Dysfunction
​2. IN-HOME​ Solution – PRIVACY​ of your own home
3. ​NON-INVA​​​​SIVE​Procedure
4. LONG TERM​ Solution
5. Phone, Chat & Email SUPPORT with Patient Care Specialists
6. Regenerates nerves for increased sensitivity
7. Use in association with other treatment options
8. Works on Men and Women
9. 2 Year Product warranty included for free
10. No risk to you – 180 day money back guarantee

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We are so confident about VascuWave, we offer 100% money back guarantee for 180 days.


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My husband and I both had issues with being able to get aroused enough to enjoy sex.  We have been married for 20+ years and we didn’t discuss it very much.  It started to become natural that we would just go through life without sex which I’m sure he didn’t enjoy and neither did I. About six months ago my husband mentioned that one of his buddies tried VascuWave and it worked on his ED.  I Googled it and found the device.  The investment was high but I figured if it worked it was worth it.  I ordered one and gave it to my husband and I for our anniversary gift.  The intensity of his erections improved dramatically and my sexual desire increased several time-fold.  What to say other than that the device works like a charm and we are acting like newlyweds.  Thanks, VascuWave for bringing new life into our bedroom.

Monica B.

As a woman in my mid 40’s, I have been dealing with hormonal issues.  I also am being treated for low estrogen levels.  I was also feeling like I was having vaginal issues and it all caused me anxiety as I am new on the dating scene after my divorce last year.  The thought of sex with a new partner was something I craved after a loveless marriage of 15 years but it also terrified me.  I found out about VascuWave and initially thought it only worked on men.  But then I learned from a friend that her and her husband used it and it worked unbelievably well.  I have to be honest.  If not for your great return policy I probably would not have invested the money in trying it out.  But, knowing I had nothing to lose. I have had the device now for six months and you couldn’t pay me ten times what I paid to send it back.  I am now in a new relationship and VascuWave is part of my secret to happiness. Maybe VascuWave should let me become a VascuWave distributor as sexual dysfunction among ladies seems to be a bigger issue than men with ED.   Thank you VascuWave.

Joanna R.

For years I have dealt with various issues related to sexual dysfunction.  I have searched the Internet since its inception and have tried several solutions.  I found VascuWave a few months ago and started to do research.  I called in and talked with the staff at VascuWave.  Each time they were patient and helped me.  Finally, after three phone calls and some deliberation I ordered the device mostly due to the fact that I could return it if I wasn’t satisfied.  When I received the VascuWave device, I followed the instructions and completed the six-week treatment protocol.  I am happy to report that the device works and that my partner is happier than ever seeing that I am able to experience sexual satisfaction like never before.  I won’t be returning it and I want to thank the VascuWave team for helping deliver a real solution to bedrooms everywhere.

Wendy L.

My boyfriend was using VascuWave and it fixed his ED within five weeks.  I started reading up more on the device and found it also works on women.  VascuWave has now enhanced my experience because I was experiencing sexual dysfunction and didn’t even realize it.  I talked with a friendly customer service rep named Elizabeth who was gentle and easy to talk to.  She helped me understand how it works.  I had helped my boyfriend with his treatments and now he’s “helping” me with mine.  Somehow I think even though I won’t need to use VascuWave after the six-week treatment protocol that he will suggest that my treatments need to go far beyond six weeks (ha ha).  Thanks for giving us a new lease on life.

Joanne S.